RA-SOOL (Artist/Producer/Writer)

Rasool Shum Shu Din McCray known as "Ra-Sool" is emerging out of Phoenix Arizona with a blend of sounds that stand in contrast to the dry desert climate, Ra-Sool is a rapper, producer and writer who has been adding rich textures to the music scene for over 5 years. With catchy melodies and groundbreaking vibes, the independent artist is becoming a formidable talent who follows his own rules in a market which yearns for artists to be their authentic self. His name Ra-Sool is a serious nod to how he sees himself. Roughly translated in Arabic as a messenger, prophet or an apostle, his music is delivering a new approach to how his audience engages. Working with all genres, he composes with influences of Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz, Soul, and even Rock and relentlessly pursues those musical narratives that flip the switch on how people interact with songs. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Instagram @RasoolTheAlpha.